Monday, 20 May 2013


Wedding Checklist

1. Legal Document
- kursus kahwin
- borang kebenaran nikah
- test hiv
- juru nikah

2. Hantaran untuk Dia
- kemeja / shirt  
- jam  
- wallet
- perfume
- coklat
- kek
- alatan solat
- kosong?
- kosong?

3. hantaran untuk saya
- handbag
- jam
- perfume
- kek
- coklat
- alatan solat
- gelang

4. Hantaran Decoration

5. Outfit
- baju nikah
- tudung nikah
- veil nikah
- kasut nikah
- aksesori nikah

- baju resepsi
- tudung resepsi
- veil resepsi
- kasut resepsi
- aksesori resepsi

- baju bertandang
- tudungbertandang
- veil bertandang
- kasut bertandang
- aksesori bertandang

6. Pelamin
- nikah
- resepsi
- bertandang

7. Make up
- resepsi
- bertandang

8. Official Photoghrapher
- nikah
- resepsi
- bertandang

9. Official videoghrapher

10. Hand Bouquet

11. Venue
- nikah (MASJID)
- resepsi (RUMAH)
-bertandang (RUMAH)

12. Catering
Gotong royong

13. Majlis Resepsi
- meja makan beradap
- p.a system
- meja guestbook
- photo booth

14. Door gift
- vip @ kawan
- orang ramai
- kanak kanak

15. Pembantu
- pengapit lelaki / perempuan
- doorgift distributor
- jaga hadiah
- bawa dulang

16. Kad jemputan
- banner
- diy kad dan sampul
- signage
- bunga phar

17. lain lain
- kek kahwin
- inai
- cd lagu
- kanopi

Sunday, 12 May 2013


As salam,
Short entry frm me
Not to show off
But its more or less
Just for sharing

Just bought a new one
Can say it as a present from
My dear.

Im satisfied!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Just short noted. as reminder to myself..or just like wake up call...hello there....its just 3 months to go, but yet still not doing any preparation. Just surveying here and there, looking that and that but nothing is done!!!
How horrible am i, hmmmm..what can i said, i know myself very well...huhu. Again, just wait and see how long i will kept looking and searching here and there to complete the mission. Maybe i manage to do it in short time or maybe later i will find a disaster through that day because of myself behaviour..well....just see.
Let see how i will end up all this mission. Is that will be complete or not, is that it will turn to disaster for the rest of my life or what else...huhu.
Not much to comment myself, because i knew it, sometime it suck!! facing all the challenging situation, make me kept in silent mood, watching what going to happen and just wait with strong hard. Later on, burst it out....loud!! thats all i can do. Thanks Allah also, because that thing was'nt to bad if compare to suicide...oh myyy!! never to do it at all.never!!!
1 month for keep planing planning and planning again
2 month should start it all, work out, hard work and non stop, it should be finish!!
3 month should rest, calm down, make sure everything already settle down, and just wait for the moment to come. stage...wait...see...and feel the excitement during that day.
Last but not least, try to avoid any disaster from happen during that big moment. Let it goes well as smooth as it can!!! hope so.
THATS ALL FOR MUMBLING TODAY. actually its all about the WEDDING..huhuhu